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Features & Benefits

Wear-Resistant Rotor & Idler
Hard, austempered ductile iron gears resist abrasive wear, extending pump life. Computer designed gear tooth profile provides smooth, quiet pumping flow.

Wear-Resistant Pump Head & Housing
Critical wear areas of both the head and housing are hardened to resist wear and maintain maximum pump efficiency.

Carbide Idler Pin & Idler Bushing
Extremely hard carbide pin and busing
provide excellent wear resistance under the
most severe abrasive applications.

Needle Bearing Support Shaft
Unique, precision needle bearing provides exceptionally reliable high-load shaft support and better rotor shaft stability, extending the seal life and operational life of the pump.

Exclusive Seal Cavity Design
State-of-the-art mechanical seal sits in a tapered seal bore and extends seal life by directing abrasives away from the seal faces and out of the pump.

Hard Face Mechanical Seal
Silicone carbide seal faces mounted in a highly engineered mechanical seal, ensure maximum life and reliability with minimal wear.

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